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Upgrade from 0.1 to 0.2 or later

If you upgrade from 0,1 to 0.2 or later you'll need to run a new analysis to see the widgets of authors activity and commits per author.

Description / Features

The plugin computes and feeds SonarQubewith four (4) new metrics : Commits / Author, Commits / Clock Hour, Commits / Week Day and Commits / Month.
Five(5) project widgets ( under the SCM category ) display these metrics using graphical representations.


The "commits per author widget" displays only the top 10 authors ( list and pie chart )


The "Author activity" widget (available since version 0.2) displays a stacked 3D bar chart about top 10 authors activities types : New files(green), modifications(blue) , deletions(red)


The other three widgets display in a bar chart the number of commits / clock hour, week day or month.


The plugin also adds a project dashboard under the name SCM Stats that contains all four widgets.

Usage, Installation and Configuration

  1. Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. If you plan to use this plugin with non-maven projects, or SCM access is available only with username/password or no SCM information is included in project's pom.xml you have to also install the SCM Activity plugin 
  3. Restart the SonarQubeserver
  4. Set the SCM URL of your project (see SCM URL Format) by setting the sonar.scm.url property of SCM Activity plugin. For Maven projects this is automatically discovered if it's already set in pom.xml

  5. Set the SCM user / password (if needed) by setting the sonar.scm.user.secured and sonar.scm.password.secured properties of SCM Activity plugin
  6. Launch a new quality analysis and the metrics will be fed

    Important notice

    The sonar.scm.user.secured and sonar.scm.password.secured properties end with secured which means that we need to authenticate the analyzer to use them. So you have two possible solutions.
    A: If you've set these properties at project or global settings then use/set the sonar.login and sonar.password properties in your analyzer to authenticate it.
    B: You can set sonar.scm.user.secured and sonar.scm.password.secured properties directly in your analyzer wihtout specifying the  sonar.login and sonar.password properties.

    For example if you use maven then in case A (scm properties set in project/global settings) the maven cmd could be like this 


    mvn sonar:sonar -Dsonar.login=admin -Dsonar.password=admin  

    and in case B (scm properties set directly to analyzer) like this 


    mvn sonar:sonar -Dsonar.scm.user.secured=<SCM_USER> -Dsonar.scm.passoword.secured=<SCM_PWD>

Grabbing stats for multiple periods

Since 0.2 the plugin allows the collection of SCM stats for multiple (1-3) periods. By default the plugin collects stats for the whole history ( sonar.scm-stats.period1 = 0 days ).
You can have different periods on a global or project level by setting the number of days prior to the current date that the plugin will collect scm stats.

For example to collect scm stats for the last month, enter a value of 30, for the last week a value of 7 etc.

The properties for period 2 ( sonar.scm-stats.period2 ) and period 3 ( sonar.scm-stats.period3 ) can have the value of zero(0) but the plugin will ignore it. In other words, whole history stats, will be collected only if sonar.scm-stats.period1 property is set to zero(0). Negative values are ignored for all periods.

You can edit widget properties by setting the period number (acceptable value are 1-3). By default each widget shows stats for period 1

Ignoring / merging authors

Since 0.3 the plugin allows you to set an list of authors to ignore (sonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore) and a list of synonyms to merge author names (sonar.scm-stats.authors.merge).
If you want to set them using the project / global settings then add one author (ignored or merged) in each value.
If you want to pass them as analysis arguments then you have to add the comma (,) between authors.
Example for ignored authors : -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.ignore=author1,author2,author3
Example for ignored authors : -Dsonar.scm-stats.authors.merge="author1=author;AUTHOR1,author2=author22;Author2;authOr2"


Perforce Configuration


Perforce is supported since version 0.3 and you need to set the Client Spec name property (sonar.scm-stats.perforce.clientspec) in order to be able to get scm stats


Compatibility Matrix

Plugin version
Source Control   




(tick) (Authors activity not supported

(tick) (Authors activity not supported
CVS(error)(tick) (Authors activity not supported
(tick) (Authors activity not supported

(tick) - supported

(star) - tested by users

(question) - not tested

(error) - not implemented

Metrics Definitions





Commits Per Author



Reports on the number of commits per author.

Commits Per Clock Hour



Reports on the number of commits per clock hour.

Commits Per Week Dayscm-commits-per-weekdaynoReports on the number of commits per week day.
Commits Per Monthscm-commits-per-monthnoReports on the number of commits per month.

Future Work (Open Issues)

Plenty !!! Waiting for your ideas as well!


Open Issues (18 issues)


Change Log


Release 0.3 (11 issues)


Release 0.2 (10 issues)


Release 0.1 (10 issues)

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