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Almost all of the changes in MRP are potentially useful for Jikes RVM. This page lists the merge status for the changesets in MRP.

Commit ids refer to the codehaus MRP repository and not to the one at Google Code (the commit ids are different!).

The first MRP-specific commit is 870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280 (Set up trunk directory) from Mon, 1 Jun 2009 16:00:10 +0200.

Completely merged Changesets (ordered from earliest to latest MRP commit)

MRP CommitNotesJikes RVM commits
caa5090e4387f4df056a51194975a78c01cbdcbfUse SIZE_OF_POINTER in libvm.c0cf9dbf84e254b2f01f013b233008caea392f507


MRP-1 / RVM-826 - was merged from MRP without attribution in the commit message3624be6f51983f3f385c8031015c548c1cef006a
f04f14178f9a5114dd61f505af0d8addf8b2a7b4lcmp tests.018fa1e241338ef29b55ae4eac9ad1470d25d8e9
8ce02705d334b17db45040b65a53de1d800fc9b6x64 fixes for MultianewArrayhelper659c74ed89b3a513dfbd0b78b0794660c2fc449f



RVM-584 (Automation for gathering compiler DNA). The changes to

were not merged because they do not apply to the Jikes RVM.


Changesets that are only partially merged and still in progress (unordered)

Changesets that will not be merged (ordered from earliest to latest MRP commit)

MRP CommitReasoning
870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280not useful: was reverted in 61c36f01e1009f7d2a5e8b0f5e41a68fcb6abea0

not useful: reverts 870e57d18ce7c99e8d8c00b5e0adfe7b2f953280

Unprocessed Changesets

Everything else has either not been merged yet or nobody has filled out the tables above.

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