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New and Noteworthy

  • Fixed Maven 2.1 support, which solves IDE embedded use
  • Groovy runtime selection property changed to -Dgmaven.runtime
  • Removed gmaven-runtime-default
  • Removed unused plexus factory
  • Archetypes now have version details in template poms dynamically updated by the build
  • Uses Maven 2.0.9 components


Command-line Access

If this release is the latest, then simply use the groovy prefix to invoke goals, as in:

mvn groovy:<goal>

Otherwise, use the full plugin identifier to invoke this version:

mvn org.codehaus.groovy.maven:gmaven-plugin:1.0-rc-4:<goal>

Project Configuration

When configuring projects to use this plugin be sure to define elements in your projects top-level POM's pluginManagement section to bind your project to the required version:


Best Practice


It is highly recommended that you always bind, via pluginManagement the version of plugins which your build depends upon. or with dependencyManagement for versions of artifacts.

Source Code

The source-code for this release is available for browsing here.

Users who wish to check-out this version can access the release tag with Subversion:

svn co

Change Log

Type Key Summary Priority Status Resolution
Bug MGROOVY-204 CLONE -Multimethod groovy classes behave differently when called from java compared to Groovy Minor Closed Not A Bug
Bug MGROOVY-182 Enforcer plugin in main project POM too strict - won't allow build with Java 6 Major Closed Fixed
Improvement MGROOVY-179 Upgrade to Groovy 1.6-rc-1 Major Closed Fixed
Improvement MGROOVY-178 Upgrade internal Maven component dependencies to 2.0.9 Critical Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-177 Source jars missing from Maven Central repo Critical Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-175 Stubs prevent compilation of real groovy classes Critical Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-172 It is not possible to attach an artifact using gmaven-plugin:execute Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-170 Exceptions when reloading pom in idea 8.0 (and probably eclipse) Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-167 transient modifier is not handled correctly when generating stubs Critical Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-165 When using BigDecimals in Groovy, compilation fails Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-164 jvm enforcer too strict + shitty plugin not found Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-144 NoSuchMethodError during generateStubs from maven embedder Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-143 Multimethod groovy classes behave differently when called from java compared to Groovy Minor Closed Not A Bug
Bug MGROOVY-142 Javadoc plugin must be configured to use generated stubs, docs do not specify this Minor Closed Cannot Reproduce
Bug MGROOVY-127 Test sources under src/main/groovy do not get added to projects with mvn idea:idea Major Closed Won't Fix
Bug MGROOVY-126 Stub generation causes duplicate class problems for goals like idea:idea Critical Closed Won't Fix

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