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Here are notes on a medium-sized commit by jrose to clean up groovy.g.

Affected source files:

Functional changes

  • Uniformly turn supply the method name "call" to method calls lacking an explicit method name. So, foo(1)(2) is equivalent to foo(1).call(2).
  • Allow non-braced body statements on 'while' (plugin bug).
  • For compatibility, allow Java 5 for (T x : y) with a warning.
  • For compatibility, allow Java 5 assert x : y.
  • Put strictContextExpression more places for consistency.
  • Repair newline-suppression logic. Experimentally allow backslash '\' to force a newline to be insignificant outside of strings as well as inside.
  • Experimental: Tune newline-spanning logic (for f \n {g}) to be more selectively context-sensitive. (Affects pathExpression.)
    (Newline spanning is performed in a simple path expression or in the RHS of an assignment, but not within the subparts of a more complex expression. For example, it is not performed when parsing the arguments of a command. This rule is experimental and probably needs to be even more restrictive.)
  • Add mechanism to detect if an AST is simply a pathExpression.
  • Add mechanism to detect if an AST is a prefix of an expressionStatement.
    The inherited expression attribute lc_stmt tells if the left-context of an expression is a statement boundary or initializer.


  • Remove usless rule initializer.
  • Remove excessive lookahead in expressionStatement.
  • Get rid of (harmless) ANTLR warning.
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