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Dear CARGO users

CARGO's first release for 2014, version 1.4.7, is now available. This version fixes the below issues and comes with the below improvements:

  • General fixes
    • [CARGO-1248] - The port offset should not be applied more than once in the same local configuration
  • Glassfish
    • [CARGO-1255] - Unable to start Glassfish in debug mode
    • [CARGO-1245] - Allow passing extra parameters for Glassfish deployment
    • [CARGO-1253] - Provide support for creating JMS resource on Glassfish 3.x and 4.x
    • [CARGO-1254] - Add support for javax.mail.Session resource to Glassfish 3.x and 4.x
  • JBoss
    • Important change: [CARGO-1249] - The properties JBossPropertySet.JBOSS_USER and JBossPropertySet.JBOSS_PASSWORD have been replaced with the equivalents from RemotePropertySet
    • [CARGO-1247] - The stop implementaion of local JBoss containers should consider username and password
    • [CARGO-1257] - Adding JBDC driver to EAR classpath fails with java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException on JBoss 7.x and onwards
  • Jetty
    • [CARGO-1252] - Error modules/npn/npn-1.7.0_02.mod or similar when starting Jetty 9.1.1
  • WebLogic
    • [CARGO-1250] - Weblogic does not find config.xml

To try it out:

Enjoy this new version of CARGO!

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