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The following key suffixes can be translated:

  • headline
  • headinfo<number>

The built-in translation of these labels can be overridden in the following way:

  • Add custom translations to a IzPack resource CustomLangPack.xml_<ISO3>
  • The following translation keys and lookup order can be used:
    1. If a panel ID is defined:
    2. If a panel ID is defined:
    3. If a panel ID is defined:
    4. If no panel ID is defined:
    5. If no panel ID is defined:
       (for compatibility with IzPack 4 translations)
    6. Steps 1., 2., 4., 5. for the next superclass in the given order
      This is repeated for the next superclass of the current class inherited from IzPanel as long as the super class is not the abstract IzPanel itself. 


Headlines on all kind of installer panels can be translated in the following manner:

Create a custom translations file for each language, for instance:


and add it as resource to the installation descriptor using predefined key depending on each language used:



A more complex example:



A special use case are translations depending on conditions. Language packs don't "know" conditioned translations. You can workaround this by defining one and the same panel for different conditions with a separate panel ID:


The translations are divided now depending on the panel ID for the appropriate panel:

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