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Cargo's directory organization can be daunting for a newcomer. So here's some information on how the project is organized.


  • directory/ : represents a directory
  • directory/ : represents a directory containing a Maven project
  • cargo/
    • core/ : Core Java APIs
      • util/ : Some useful classes for both module/ and container/ (logging interface, etc)
      • module/ : API to create/parse J2EE Module files
      • container/ : API to start/stop/configure containers and deploy J2EE Modules in them
      • generic/ : Generic and untyped Java API sitting on top of the Core Container Java API
    • common/ : Common Maven build files inherites by all other Maven projects
    • ant/ : Ant tasks that uses the core/ projects API
    • maven/ : Maven plugin that based on the Ant tasks
    • distribution/ : Packages the Core API + Ant tasks in a single distributable Cargo JAR
    • samples/ : Sample projects that also serve as functional tests
      • java/ : Samples exercising the Java core API
      • ant/ : Samples exercising the Ant tasks
      • maven/ : Samples exercising the Maven plugin
      • testdata/ : Test data for all the Sample projects
        • authentication-war : Generates WAR with BASIC authentication defined in web.xml
        • empty-ear : Generates en empty EAR
        • empty-jar : Generates en empty JAR
        • expanded-war : Generates an expanded WAR
        • simple-ear : Generates a simple EAR containing a simple WAR
        • simple-war : Generates a simple WAR containing an HTML file
        • tomcat-context : Generates a WAR containing a Tomcat context.xml file redefining the Context Root
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