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GPath is a path expression language we've integrated into Groovy which is similar in aims and scope as XPath is to XML.
1. Expression language for tree structured data
2. Implementations for XML
3. Can specify a path to an element
a.b.c -> all the <c> elements inside <b> inside <a>
4. Can specify attributes
a"@href" -> the href attribute of all the a elements


The best example of GPath for xml is test-new/groovy/util/XmlSlurperTest.groovy.

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package org.codehaus.groovy.sandbox.util

class XmlSlurperTest extends GroovyTestCase {
void testXmlParser() {
    text = """
  <character id="1" name="Wallace">
  <character id="2" name="Gromit">
    node = new XmlSlurper().parseText(text);
    assert node != null
    assert node.children().size() == 3 //, "Children ${node.children()}"
    characters = node.character
    println "node:" + node.children().size()
    println "charcters:" + node.character.size()
    for (c in characters) {
        println c['@name']
    assert characters.size() == 2
    assert node.character.likes.size() == 2 //, "Likes ${node.character.likes}"
    // lets find Gromit
    gromit = node.character.find { it['@id'] == '2' }
    assert gromit != null //, "Should have found Gromit!"
    assert gromit['@name'] == "Gromit"        
    // lets find what Wallace likes in 1 query
    answer = node.character.find { it['@id'] == '1' }.likes[0].text()
    assert answer == "cheese"


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by Jack Herrington.
Error rendering macro 'link' : Link needs a name and a URL as arguments.

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