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The initial code for libstomp was developed using the X Code 2 IDE for OS X. So to build it right now you have to have a Mac and X Code 2 intalled. Hopefully, we will soon get a make based build system that can work on more platforms. If this is an itch you want to scratch please contribute a patch via our Mailing Lists!

Getting Started

  • Download the latest source from SVN

Build from X Code

  • open the libstomp X Code project in the 'c' directory
  • Click X Code's build button.

Build from Unix

  • check if APR includes and library are available on your system : find /usr -name apr.h
  • then, you have to write a makefile based on your environment. You can use this sample Makefile, it works on Solaris and shoud work on Linux too.
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