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Artifacts & Repositories


        Artifact API Improvements
        Artifact Handling
        Artifact Identity
        Artifact Resolution
        Conflict Resolution
        Dependency Mediation and Conflict Resolution
        Packaging vs Type - Derived and Attached Artifacts
        Platform specific dependencies
        Dependency Scopes
        Intro to Dependencies
        Intro to Optional/Excludes Deps
        Intro to Artifact Resolution


        Custom Repository or Resolver Implementations
        Maven repository tools
        Mirror Repositories
        Repository - Application for uploading
        Repository - Security
        Repository - Security by julian c dunn
        Repository - Security by nat pryce
        Repository - SNAPSHOT Handling
        Repository - Upload policy
        Repository Enhancements
        Repository Layout - Final
        Repository Manager
        Repository Metadata
        Repository Reporting API
        Repository Security
        Repository Security Improvements
        Repository Switchboard
        Proxy Mini-Guide
        Multiple Repositories Mini-Guide
        Intro to Repositories

Best Practices

    best practices - deployment of aggregate JARs produced by the assembly plug-in
    best practices - jesse's general approach
    best practices - location of configuration files vs resources
    best practices - multi-profile deployments
    best practices - multi-project builds - plug-in inheritance
    best practices - multi-project interaction
    best practices - multi-user installation
    best practices - site management
    best practices - testing strategies
    best practices - version management in multi project bu
    Intro to Standard Layout
    Mini-Guide: Non-Standard
    Mini-Guide: Naming Conventions


    Extending Maven 2.0 Dependencies
    specification dependencies
    Specification Dependencies and Provides Notation
    Specification Dependencies Design
    Transitive Dependencies Filtering


    Barriers to Building Eclipse with Maven

These are categories in the original design documents that need to be integrated into the taxonomy

Design Categories




Usability Improvements






POM usability



POM Templating



Converting m1 -> m2



Multiple Languages



Reusable resources



Multiproject site capabilities



Improvements to error reporting



More consistent i18n



Resolving the encoding problems



Applying toolchain across plugins



Fatal error talkback



Plugin version selection



Performance Improvements



Lifecycle improvements/Plugin Execution Model



Guarded Mojo Execution



Dependency Management



Improvements to dependency ranges



Revisit versioning issues (ordering of SNAPSHOT, dev, etc)



Conflict resolution MNG-1577



Specification dependencies (depend on "servlet API 2.3", get geronimo-spec-servlet-api-2.3) MNG-2316



Provides notation (related to the previous one) MNG-2316



Better handling of provided scope MNG-2317



Supercedes/Obsoletes notation



Dependency Graphing



Global Dependency Excludes MNG-1977



Transtive disablement MNG-2315



Make provided and test scopes transitive MNG-2205 MNG-1378



Applying DependencyManagement transitively



POM enhancements






Usage instructions



Coding standard descriptor









Repository Enhancements



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