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Johann Sorel (AlterSIG Project)

Quick presentation

This module is the integration of project AlterSIG Toolbox.
Every component is cleanup and once ready will move to the "extension/swing-widgets" module.

This module offers several Swing components like :

  • A tree to manage MapContext
  • A dialog to quickly open datas
  • Some property edition panels
  • A small JMappane control bar
    To be honest they are not all fully functionnal but they work.



First you need the latest geotools source.
See 2.3 Source Code to have it.

Make a fresh build using maven :

Go it the module folder :

Compile the module and start the demo :




Making graphical user interface is not hard work, but it needs time.
And more important, to make clean widgets you need clean components and layouts.

That's why i also use those libraries :

Map components
  • (info) <INTERFACE>Map
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>Map2D* (extends Map)
      • (tick) DefaultMap2D*
      • (tick) <INTERFACE> NavigableMap2D* (extends Map2D)
        • (tick) DefaultNavigableMap2D*
      • (info) <INTERFACE> SelectableMap2D* (extends Map2D)
        • (error) DefaultSelectableMap2D
      • (error) <INTERFACE> OverLayers
        • (info) WaitingOverLayer*
        • (info) NavigationOverLayer*
    • (error) <INTERFACE>Map3D
    • (error) <INTERFACE>MapPrint
Context Tree
  • (tick) JContextTree
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>TreeTableColumn
      • (tick) VisibleTreeTableColumn
      • (tick) StyleTreeTableColumn
      • (tick) OpacityTreeTableColumn
  • (tick) JContextTreePopup
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>TreePopupItem
      • (tick) ContextActiveItem
      • (tick) ContextPropertyItem
      • (tick) CopyItem
      • (tick) CutItem
      • (tick) DeleteItem
      • (tick) DuplicateItem
      • (tick) LayerFeatureItem
      • (tick) LayerOpacityItem
      • (tick) LayerPropertyItem
      • (tick) LayerVisibilityItem
      • (tick) LayerVisibleItem
      • (tick) PasteItem
      • (tick) SeparatorItem
      • (tick) TitledSeparatorItem
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>MapRelatedTreePopupItem (extends TreePopupItem)
      • (tick) LayerZoomItem
Properties Panels
  • (tick) JPropertyDialog
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>PropertyPanel
      • (warning) ContextCRSPropertyPanel
      • (info) LayerFeaturePropertyPanel
      • (error) JScaleStylePanel
      • (tick) JSimpleStylePanel
      • (error) JUniqueStylePanel
      • (info) JXMLStylePanel
      • (tick) JCQLPropertyPanel
    • (tick) <ABSTRACT>MultiPropertyPanel (implements PropertyPanel)
      • (tick) LayerFilterPropertyPanel
      • (tick) LayerStylePropertyPanel
Data access
  • (tick) JDataChooser
    • (tick) <INTERFACE>DataPanel
      • (tick) JFileDataPanel*
      • (tick) JDatabaseDataPanel*
      • (error) JServerDataPanel
Style edition

Ready to use Components

  • (tick) <INTERFACE>SymbolizerPanel
    • (tick) JPointSymbolizerPanel*
    • (tick) JLineSymbolizerPanel
    • (tick) JPolygonSymbolizerPanel*
    • (warning) JRasterSymbolizerPanel

SLD specific Components

Other classes
  • (tick) IconBundle
  • (tick) TextBundle
  • (tick) GridCoverageFinder*
  • (tick) RandomStyleFactory*
  • (tick) FacilitiesFactory*
  • (info) JLightMapPaneControl*
  • (error) JMapPaneInfoPanel

(tick) = Works (error) = Not started (info) = In progress (warning) = Waiting for help *= must be improved


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