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Old Scriptom builds can be found here.





1.5.0 b10


Groovy 1.5 Windows Installer

Really fixed the bug introduced in Build 8 that broke Scriptom for Java 5.

1.5.0 b9



Fixed a bug introduced in Build 8 that broke Scriptom for Java 5.

1.5.0 b8



The release version of Groovy will be 1.5Scriptom's major and minor version numbers are being changed to match the supported version of Groovy.  Added version info to manifest. Jar file is marked as "sealed."  Recompiled to Groovy 1.1 rc3 and Jacob 1.14 M5
Scriptom no longer uses the jacob.dll because of the potential for naming conflicts with other versions on the same machine.   The 32-bit and 64-bit dlls have been renamed so that they can coexist on the same machine - with other versions as well. Scriptom will automatically find the correct version of the DLL for the JVM you are running.

2.0 b7



Refactored EventArguments into standalone class, from an inner class of ActiveXObject (this change should not normally affect existing code). Fix for bugs due to BigDecimal-to-Decimal conversion overflows. Improved support for unsigned integer types.  Uses Jacob 1.14 M5.

2.0 b6 (Beta)



Refactored org.codehaus.groovy.scriptom.tlb.office2003 packages to Added type-library constants packages from Access 2003 and PowerPoint 2003.

2.0 b5 (Beta)



Moved from Jacob 1.14 M2 to Jacob 1.14 M3. Uses new VT_I8 (64-bit signed integer) support. More unit testing.

2.0 b4 (Beta)


Groovy 1.1 rc2 Windows Installer

Fix for a NullPointerException that occurs only when debug tracing is turned on.

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