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NOTE: This page contains drafts of user contributed FAQ entries. The content you see here might not be fully fool-proof or might not comply with the best practices promoted by Maven. What is only guaranteed is that they have worked once for some members. It is best to treat these items as "works in progress" until they have been reviewed and promoted to the main Maven documentation site.

Users may also list questions here that they would like answered. So this page can serve as a collection of questions that users would like answered. Please put unanswered questions at the bottom. Please follow the format that is being used because it will help in our automated exaction of material which can then be incorporated into the main site.

Answered Questions (Index)

Previously answered questions can be found here.

Unanswered Questions

Where can I find a listing of the available variable references that could be use during site generation?

How do I run a shell script from inside a Mojo?

Will the release plug-in resolve all my SNAPSHOT dependencies?

How to copy files from local repo to remote repository?

Where should sql, dtds, test data and generated docs go?

Is there a way for plugin goals to be aware of the phase they are being executed on?

When you have a project using a code generator plugin, how can we add the generated sources in the list of eclipse source directory?

How do I tell maven which version of ant I want it to call?

How do I display special characters (i.e. copyright symbol, latin-1) with APT?

Specific [Unanswered] Errors - Need more information

I've got my plugin pom setup to build everything and construct the final zip file. The issue I'm trying to wrap my brain around is keeping my feature.xml and site.xml files up to date with the correct version info. Since I can't use versions like 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT in my plugin, I have to munge the plugins pom version into something like 1.0.0.v${DATETIME} and insert that into the plugins descriptor (plugin.xml). Since the version in the plugin.xml changes I have to update the plugin entries in the feature descriptor (feature.xml), rev the feature and update the site.xml with the new feature version. Just curious to see if anyone else out there is struggling with these same issues and what if any solutions/band-aids have been implemented


This is more of a user-list type of question. It's going to be an in-depth discussion about designing and/or configuring a suite of plugins for a very specific purpose. This probably isn't a Frequently Asked Question.






Why the FTP Wagon hangs?


Need more information on this. Under what circumstances does this happen? Can the user access the server in another FTP client? Is there a stack trace associated? Do they have a corresponding <server/> section in the settings.xml?

When I run the release:prepare goal I get an authorization failed error. I tried adding the username and password into my pom.xml file and I still get the error. I checked using the command line and my username and password is being cached by subversion. Any ideas?


This is the entry point for a debugging discussion. From here, the user may need to verify that they have the 'svn' command in their path, and that Maven is trying to use subversion with the same username that the user has verified by hand. After that, it depends.

Why am I getting this error when I build my project: "Unable to locate the Javac Compiler"?


We would need to get more information about this user's POM and environment (output of the build would be most valuable) in order to effectively answer this question. Without this context, it is unanswerable.

Why do I get java.lang.NullPointerException while trying to generate site for a project?


Even a simple stacktrace for this user's error would help immensely in debugging this problem. Without specifics, any higher analysis is virtually impossible.

How to make archetype where project artifacts have names based on artifactId?

How can I create an archetype where one of the archetype-resource files should be created with a name based on the artifactId? For instance, if I ask to create a new project based on my archetype with -DartifactId=foobar, then I'd like a foobar-stuff.xml file to appear in the project. I know that I can use $

Unknown macro: {artifactId}

within files, but how can I do the same thing with filename?


How can I add two different source-directories to a project?

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