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The Maven 2 tutorial : A practical guide for Maven 2 users

Not so long ago on the Maven 2 users mailing list, someone complained Maven 2 had the "worst documentation in the whole Apache projects". Therefore, I am writting this tutorial as an attempt to make Maven 2 documentation one of the best in the whole Apache projects. It will also be a constant evolving knowledge base adressing the most commons questions/issues. The format of this tutorial is inspired from the excellent "The  Java TM Tutorial"© document wich can be found on Sun official web site.

This tutorial is split into several trails of different level wich are adressing specific aspects of Maven 2 use.

Maven 2 Basics : 

  • Getting started: If you aren't the type of guy who like to read a manual and you want to see Maven in action now, this is the place to go.
  • Maven 2 fundamentals - The Big Picture : This trail introduce the key concepts behind Maven 2.
  • Configuring Maven 2 : This is where you start to have your hand dirty. This trail introduce how to make Maven 2 fits in your development environment.
  • Managing my project using Maven : This is the place where you learn the basics of how to use Maven 2 to manage and build your projects.
  • Dealing with IDEs : Ok, Maven 2 seems very cool but I am using an IDE to developp my application. How does Maven 2 fits in the picture?
  • What did I do wrong? : If you can't figure out what you are doing wrong, you should take a look at this trail.
  • [more to be added]

Getting the maximum out of Maven  :

  • Website and Reporting facilities
  • Releasing and distributing your projects
  • Essential Maven plugins
  • [more to be added]

More advanced topics :

  • Plugin development
  • [more to be added]
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