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What did I do wrong?

I guess if you are here it's because you have followed methodically all the examples but you keep having this annoying error message and you have no idea what it means. Of course there is no mention of it in the different examples and you are about to pull your hair out (well maybe I am overexagerating a little bit (wink)). Don't worry there is hope. This trail presents the most common errors new users face when trying out Maven 2 for the first time. If you can't find the answers to your problems here, I strongly suggest you to post on the users mailing list or search in the archives.

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  1. Hi maven2 group

    I am facing a problem while creating my custiomised plugin for checkout the code from SVN repo.

    I am trying to call the scm:checkout plugin from mavenEmbedder. but while executing the plugin, i am facing error.

    Please let me know, if anybody knows this solution, how to call a scm:plugin from mavenEmbedder using maven2.


    Jacob Thomas