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The following plugins are the standard plugins for Maven2:

AntPlugin - Generate an Ant build file for the project

AntlrPlugin - Generate sources from an Antlr grammar.

AntrunPlugin - Generate sources from an Antlr grammar.

Archetype Plugin - Generate a skeleton project structure from an archetype.

Assembly Plugin - Build an assembly (distribution) of sources and binaries.

CheckstylePlugin - Generate a checkstyle report.

CleanPlugin - Clean up after the build.

CloverPlugin - Generate a Clover report.

CompilerPlugin - Compiles Java sources.

DeployPlugin - Deploy the built artifact to the remote repository.

EarPlugin - Generate an EAR from the current project.

EclipsePlugin - Generate an Eclipse project file for the current project.

EjbPlugin - Build an EJB (and optional client) from the current project.

IdeaPlugin - Create/update an IDEA workspace for the current project (individual modules are created as IDEA modules)

InstallPlugin - Install the built artifact into the local repository.

JarPlugin - Build a JAR from the current project.

Javadoc Plugin - Generate Javadoc for the project.

PluginPlugin - Create a Maven plugin descriptor for any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR.

PmdPlugin - Generate a PMD report.

ProjectHelpPlugin - Get information about the working environment for the project.

ProjectInfoReportsPlugin - Generate a standard project reports.

RarPlugin - Build a RAR from the current project.

ReleasePlugin - Release the current project - updating the POM and tagging in the SCM.

ResourcesPlugin - Copy the resources to the output directory for including in the JAR.

SitePlugin - Generate a site for the current project.

SourcePlugin - Build a JAR of sources for use in IDEs and distribution to the repository.

Surefire Plugin - Run the Junit tests in an isolated classloader.

VerifierPlugin - Useful for integration tests - verifies the existence of certain conditions.

War Plugin - Build a WAR from the current project.

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