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Module Maintainer:

Brent Owens



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Recent Development

For the 2.2.x branch the validation module has:

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Module Status

The validation module is stable.

IP Check

Brent Owens sent the following email to the list on April 17th, 2006

I have nearly completed the IP check on the validation module of Geotools.

All the headers have been verified and corrected. I have also received word from Paul Ramsey (Refractions Research) that all the code in the module has been given to the community.

Here is a list of files that had their headers changed (some had duplicate headers):

Brent Owens
(The Open Planning Project)

Future Plans

The validation module depends on an the definition of a "typeRef" basically encoding a "datastoreId:::typeName" into a string for lookup into a Registry. The registery interface is provided by GeoServer (and also by uDig) as a way of letting integrity tests lookup a feature source to verification.

The is a bad idea for two reasons:

  • it is not strongly typed
  • it causes confusion with the namespace:typeName used during GML output

There are two solutions:

  • use the TypeName (extends Name) from GeoAPI, as provided for in 2.3 Feature Model development
  • use the Catalog System IGeoResource (an actual resource handle)

Both offer strong typing and avoid the possibility of confusion.

Outstanding Issues

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