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Using Maven2 to build projects which use JNI code

This page documents my experiences with supporting projects which use JNI code, and describes the solution I developed and the tools I use, in the hope that it may save somebody else this pain.


I work in telecoms, which means that we have quite a lot of projects which have a greater or lesser quantity of native code, either because they interface to the operating system at a low level, or simply as a way of dealing with the real-time requirements of our software. As time has gone by, we've built up a reasonably complex heirarchy of applications with native code which depend on libraries with native code, and some of the libraries even export native-level symbols to application native code.

Our investigations with converting JNI-free projects to a Maven2 build process were extremely positive, and it therefore soon became desirable to convert all of our projects, including those with JNI requirements, to Maven2. This led to the following requirements for the build process.


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