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The Milyn Project is building Open-Source Java components for XML and non-XML Processing.


Smooks is a Java framework for managing and performing Fragment based XML Analysis and Transformation.

Smooks can be used in conjunction with or as an alternative to XSLT for XML Transformation.

Smooks gives you more control when performing XML Transformations and Analysis by giving you the freedom to use the tools and programming languages most appropriate to the type of transformation in question (or your skillset).

  • Mix and match different tools and languages in the process of transforming a single message/document e.g. it may be easier to transform one part of the document using pure Java and another part using XSLT.
  • Simplify your XSLT and/or StringTemplate templates by combining the power of the Smooks Javabean and Templating Cartiridges. This allows you to cleanly get that tricky/ugly string data manipulation code out of your templates and into Java (Javabeans), where it can be manipulated more easily. The populated Javabeans are then made easily available to your XSLT or StringTemplate templates through OGNL.
  • Analyse/Read your XML and non-XML data without performing any data transformations by using the Smooks Javabean Cartiridge to create and populate named bean instances.

Sub Components


A component for performing browser recognition and browser profiling in a J2EE Servlet Container.


A component for parsing Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) data into a Document Object Model (DOM).

JBoss® has selected Smooks to be one of the "out-of-the-box" transformation solutions for their new JBossESB product. JBossESB is currently under development at JBoss Labs.


Thursday 1st June 2006

Posted Smooks Templating Cartridge. Extends the power of the Smooks JavaBean Cartridge by allowing bean populated StringTemplate based XML transformations. See Tutorial.

Thursday 11st February 2006

Posted initial findings of integrating the Smooks Servlet Filter into the Chiba XForms Engine, replacing the Chiba XSLT transformation with a Smooks transformation. Response-time benchmarkings show Smooks to be up to x15 faster than XSLT for this type of transformation. See Chiba Integration for more details.

Wednesday 21st December 2005

Posted a prototype version of the Smooks Report Generator.  Speed up creation/testing of websites that work across a range of browser types an versions!

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