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matcher.matches() returns false

Why does this code fail?

Because you think you do something like "Oh dear it contains the word!", but you're confusing matches with find

From Javadoc:

public boolean matches()
Attempts to match the entire region against the pattern.

So "/\.groovy/" is just a subsequence.
You must use

What is the difference between =~ and ==~ ?

Pattern, Matcher ?

A pattern is not very useful alone. He's just waiting input to process through a matcher.

Matcher can say a lot of thing to you:

  • if the entire input sequence matches the pattern, with matcher.matches() ;
  • if just a subsequence of the input sequence matches the pattern, with matcher.find().

A matcher with /groovy/ pattern finds a matching subsequence in the 'my groovy buddy' sequence.
On the contrary the whole sequence doesn't match the pattern.

Application: to filter a list of names.

A little tilde headache ? Remember like this


the pattern


roughly as the pattern (easy to write)


more than roughly, exactly as the pattern (think hard...)