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The Codehaus XFire team is proud to announce XFire 1.2.4! XFire is an open source Java SOAP framework built on a high performance, streaming XML model. XFire includes support for web service standards, an easy to use API, Spring integration, JBI support, and plugable bindings for POJOs, JAXB, and XMLBeans.

Please see the release notes for download information and upgrade instructions.

XFire 1.2.4 many fixes since 1.2.3:

  • Remove two usages of Java 5 specific methods in non Java 5 code
  • Upgraded to Woodstox 3.2.0
  • Fixed WSDL4J 1.6 compatability error
  • Several WsGen fixes
  • Allow embedders to listen for errors in WsGen via their own ErrorListener
  • Support for non proxy hosts on Java 5

Many thanks to those who helped build and test this release!

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