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Hi all,

 below is a sample on how to use maven2 together with xdoclet plugin for generating

an EJB 2.1 webservices.

The code uses jboss WebServices implementation, and i have deployed successfully this code

on jboss 4.0.3 and 4.0.4.GA, although with some small tweak on jboss..

I'll let users see how it goes and if you have any problem please mail me back


Here i post only EJB source code and relevant part of pom.xml because project is confidential.

 Here's EJB code


and here's pom.xml i am using.
In the same pom.xml i am also generating a client for my webservice, but due to xdoclet limitation

when invoking it in multiprojects, i had to write an ant task in order to generate client

Here's pom.xml


My directory structure (if you are interested in generating client) is

!___ my project (all ejbs here) |__ client |__ src/main/java


I hope you can get along well with this sample....

i'd post whole project,but since it is confidential i had to break it i m expecting that you might have a problem in generating client artifact...due to directory structure......
the EJB par twill work fine though..

If you find any problems, mail me privately at mmistroni@gmail.comEnjoy!! Marco

PS sorry for my poor wiki-editing skills 

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