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Maven Day at Intuit (Friday February 15th)

We have a few people in the area, and some corporate users of Maven who wanted to organize a discussion of some of the work going on in Maven lately, what the plans are for the future. We also know that people wanted some demos of some of the tools that we (Sonatype) have been working on. We were fortunate enough to have Intuit volunteer some space and we hope we'll get a good turn out to discuss some of the issues surrounding Maven. We are asking people to show up for 4pm.


  • Discussion of some of the work that has been going on for 2.1
    • Reworking of Maven Artifact to be graph-based, and fully deterministic
    • Toolchains
    • Build Plans
    • Anything else that's current on the Maven mailing list
  • Demo of Nexus
  • Demo of ArchetypeNG
  • Demo of M2Eclipse
  • Demo of workspace materialization with M2Eclipse
  • Demo of integration of Nexus with M2Eclipse
  • Demo of integration of ArchetypeNG with M2Eclipse
  • Demo of artifact resolution visualization tool created by Oleg Gusakov of EBay
  • Discuss how we can ease the process for OSS projects to get their artifacts into the central repository
  • Discuss how we can ease the process of finding archetypes and plugins along with their documentation
  • Discuss Dependency Management "includes"
  • Collection of user pain points which we can take back to the development list for discussion

Maven Day is going to be held in Intuit building 9, 2600 Casey Ave., Mountain View and here's a link to the location:,-122.096756&mra=mi&mrsp=0&sz=17&sll=37.432554,-122.097609&sspn=0.007932,0.013475&layer=c&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=17&om=0&cbll=37.431978,-122.096756

We will know the exact time of the meeting early this week, and I will put some times on the agenda items on Wednesday/Thursday so you can decide what bits you want to show up for. We'll probably start early in the afternoon and go into the early evening. If people indicate that they can't get time off work, we'll try to adjust and push things later into the evening.

People Attending

We have limited space, and we're using Intuit's facility which will require a security check in. So if we know who's coming before hand we can create badges prior to people showing up so that we can get down to business faster. So please let us know if you're coming so that we can plan ahead.

  • Jason van Zyl
  • Brian Fox
  • Ralph Goers
  • Kevin Nilson
  • Durai Arasan
  • Annie Li
  • Gil Clark
  • Brian McCallister
  • Kaizer Sogiawala
  • Tim Kimmet

If you have something you want to discuss specifically, then please add your suggestion here and I will try to work it into the agenda.

  • Locking the wink-in of SNAPSHOTs based on timestamp -- Ability to specify timestamp as a selection criteria to select specific "decorated" SNAPSHOTS for builds
  • Centralized service for 3rd Party artifact lookup and consumption (like CPAN/ppm2, etc.)
  • Getting Bill-of-material for a mvn build session. Currently the reporting only lists dependencies and SNAPSHOTs are not decorated.
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