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ActiveSpace is a simple to use yet powerful toolkit for building distributed systems in a SEDA like way while reusing powerful messaging middleware and transactional and clustered caching via JCache.

ActiveSpace supports two core abstractions

  • Spaces which provide a JavaSpace-like abstraction for building SEDA style grid based applications easily
  • Caches which provide full support for transactional and clustered JCache support.

ActiveSpace is specifically designed for high performance messaging, clustering and grid computing yet using a simple set of abstractions allowing you to get things done quickly without having to understand complicated middleware or infrastructure.

To get a better feel for ActiveSpace try the javadoc or browse the source code


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  1. Is ActiveSpace protocol-agnostic as Jini?

  2. Yes it is. ActiveSpace is a very simple, but powerful api. It doesn't define the how the space is implemented, it only defines how a client can use the space. There is already a JmsSpace implementation and I'm currently working on a Mule implementation, that will allow space communication over any mule transport, such as jms, http, pop3, smtp, tcp, file vm, or any other supported transport

  3. Thanks! Another question, can I use ActiveSpace without ActiveMQ? Or do I need to create my own implementation of Space interface to do that?

    What I plan to do is to "put" objects in space thru SS7-E1 protocol other than IP.

  4. The ActiveMQ space is just one implementation. There is another vanilla Jms space impl where you can use any Jms compliant server. You could write your own space impl to support any transport you want. The objective of Mule space is to provide a space that can use any of Mules transports, so you could write SS7-E1 provider for mule and use the Mule Space impl.

  5. Thanks! There are two things that I want to do, "put" objects to space via SS7-E1, second to create a space impl that is completely independent of any JMS implementations.

  6. This project sounds of interest to what I'm working on.
    Where can I get a clue about the Mule integration status?
    Is there an architecture "big" picture around?

  7. I am looking for a scalable implementation of tuple/object space that can be easily modified. I found interesting the characteristics of ActiveSpace, and I would like to ask you if there is some support for newbies? It looks like the project stopped some time ago