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Garbage Collection

Garbage Collector for Embedded Devices

Implement a garbage collector that has beneficial characteristics for embedded devices. For example, the collector could avoid compaction in certain scenarios.

Interested mentors:

Garbage Collection Visualization

the Jikes RVM has had GC visualization previously through the GCspy framework. This has become slightly out-of-date and it would be interesting to improve it and possibly look to integrate the visualization side of the work with a sister project of the RVM's tuning fork

Interested mentors: Richard Jones

New Garbage Collection Implementations for MMTk

We would be interested in hearing about adding new GC implementations to MMTk. As such the complexity of such a thing is high, we will take particular care when looking at your experience with relation to an application for this project.

Interested mentors: 


Copy eliminating baseline compiler

A new framework for baseline code generation using a copy eliminating baseline compiler.

Interested mentors: Eliot Moss, Ian Rogers

x86 64 compiler support

Related to the previous project, continue efforts to port to x86 64 the Jikes RVM.

Interested mentors: Ian Rogers

strictfp support

Interested mentors: Ian Rogers

Reduce cost of inlining runtime services

Interested mentors: Ian Rogers

Loop unrolling

Implement a better loop unrolling phase taking into account various considerations about when and how to unroll.

Interested mentors: Ian Rogers

Java Operating Systems

Work on the continued integration of the RVM with JNODE

Interested mentors: Ian Rogers

Runtime services

Lock Reservation/Biasing

Interested mentors: Tony Hosking, Ian Rogers

Native Threading

Interested mentors: Tony Hosking, Ian Rogers

Harmony class library support

OpenJDK class library support

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