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Currently, the character encoding for source files needs to be configured individually for each and every plugin that processes source files.

Life would become easier if there was a dedicated POM element like ${} which could be used to specify the encoding once per entire project. Every plugin could use it as default value:

Adding this element to the POM structure can only happen in Maven 2.1. For Maven 2.0.x, the value can be defined as a property, thus plugins could immediately use ${} expression, whatever Maven version is used.

default value

Without default value for source encoding, platform encoding is used, which is bad for build reproducibility. Then setting a default value consistently across every Maven plugin will improve build reproducibility.

Proposed default value: ISO-8859-1.

This default value can be coded in POM model for 2.1.x and in super-pom in Maven 2.0.x. A check has to be coded in every plugin too, in case Maven version used at runtime does not contain the default value:

plugins to modify

Affected Apache plugins:

  • maven-compiler-plugin (source processing)
  • maven-javadoc-plugin (source processing)
  • maven-resources-plugin (contents filtering)
  • maven-plugin-plugin (javadoc extraction)
  • maven-jxr-plugin (source processing)
  • maven-pmd-plugin (source analysis)
  • maven-changes-plugin (velocity template processing)

Affected Codehaus plugins:

  • taglist-maven-plugin (javadoc extraction)
  • plexus-maven-plugin (javadoc extraction)
  • modello-maven-plugin/modello-core (java source generation)


Please see [0] for the related thread from the mailing list, and [1] for some further descriptions.



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