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The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.1!


JRuby 1.1 is the second major release for our project.  The main goal for 1.1
has been improving performance.  We have made great strides in performance
during the last nine months.  There have been more and more reports of
applications exceeding Ruby 1.8.6 performance; we are even beating Ruby 1.9
in some microbenchmarks.  Please try your applications against JRuby 1.1 and
give us feedback.  If you find poor performance or a compatibility problem,
then we want to know about it; message us on IRC, email our mailing list, or
file a bug.

Other major features include:

- Compilation of Ruby to Java Bytecode (in AOT and JIT modes)
- Oniguruma port to Java
- Refactored IO implementation
- Improved memory consumption
- Thousands of compatibility fixes

As always, the community has been the driving force behind JRuby's progress.
Thousands of reported issues and unending IRC conversations has helped keep
JRuby focused on doing what is most important: Making Ruby applications work
well.  We want to thank all people who have helped and encouraged others to
give JRuby a try.  It is ready for production use today.

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