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Is your classpath backwards?

Read this document if you think Maven is putting your classpath in the wrong order.

Two bugs canceled each other out

Take a look at That bug was fixed in Maven 2.0.8 and called out in the release announcement as a backwards compatibility risk:

As noted in the comments to MNG-3118, Surefire 2.3 had a bizarre classpath ordering bug that made the test classpath appear to be correct (test-classes first) under Maven 2.0.7 for some users with large classpaths:

SUREFIRE-61 was fixed in Surefire 2.3.1. Notably, it would make the "Test Classpath" output in -X look correct, while secretly under the hood it would munge the classpath incorrectly!

As a result, for at least one project here at my work, we've seen:

Maven 2.0.7 + Surefire 2.3: test-classes before classes
Maven 2.0.8 + Surefire 2.3: classes before test-classes
Maven 2.0.7 + Surefire 2.3.1 or higher: classes before test-classes
Maven 2.0.8 + Surefire 2.3.1 or higher: test-classes before classes

Benjamin checked in a classpath ordering test in the Surefire trunk that we now run with every release. It's currently passing in Surefire 2.4.2 and Maven 2.0.8, and failing with Maven 2.0.7.

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