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  • Architectural Goals for Maven 2.1
  • Backward compatibility
  • Provide layer of adapters for plugin backward compatibility,
    to avoid immediate necessity to recode entire suite of
    plugins and reports for 2.1 compat.
  • Integrity checking
  • Don't allow builds where versions come from non-project
    sources like local settings and CLI parameters
  • JC: Don't allow builds where versions come from profiles that
    have to be activated manually
  • Queryable Lifecycle
  • The most important change in the embedding environment. You
    can actually query Maven for the complete execution before it
  • I would like to hook in the artifact resolution ghosting to
  • JC: This tends more toward simulating an entire build,
    and should include simulating additions to source roots
    and resources, IMO...but not in the core, in a simulator
  • Toolchains
  • Some preliminary work has been done on a branch by Milos and
    myself, we're basically going to steal all the profile work
    from Netbeans
  • JC: Do we even have specific requirements documented for
    this? Where are they?
  • Plugin Testing
  • Results from ApacheCon discussion
  • JC: Posted where?
  • We Kenney's and Johns tools which are complementary embedder
    inside the invoker
  • Java5 Annotations
  • We have two implementations for mojos which will be merged
  • We have two implementations for plexus components
  • Integration Testing
  • Still not entirely happy with the current setup but it's
    working and relatively easy to update
  • Too many tools
  • IT plugins: john's with kenney goodies and fold john's
    into the IT plugins as well
  • Invokers
  • Verifiers
  • JC: IMO, this would benefit greatly from having a decoupled
    plugin invoker, since it would be really nice to orchestrate
    several plugins for an IT setup, using a single IT plugin
  • thinking about the component-it-plugin, invoker-plugin,
    and maybe verifier plugin or similar...
  • Custom Components
  • Allowing easy plugging in of new resolvers and such
  • Kenney has finished this and it's working in 2.1
  • JC: IMO we need to address this as a first-class citizen
    of the container, not simply rewriting the component
    descriptor for the existing component.
  • Specification Dependencies
  • POM Changes
  • tags/categories
  • source: Maven, hand bombed and put in the metadata
  • JC: What does this mean?
  • dependency excludes && symmetry (JC: consistency?) in the
  • terse attribute based format for the POM
  • properties on dependencies and it was for a C build
  • JC: What was for a C build? What do we need these
    properties for? If we're thinking that would be a good
    place to specify prefix for a C dependency, it's not a
    very scalable approach...
  • tags for dependencies being used by different plugins
  • JC: Can we deprecate scope in favor of this, then? Or, at
    least trim it back? It seems to me that test scope falls
    into the tagged-for-surefire category.
  • JC: We should also consider tagging for plugin-execution
    since a single plugin could be used in multiple ways
    (think surefire +integration-testing)
  • the profile for an execution environment: development versus
    production and getting the right specification dependencies,
    packaging problems
  • NAR plugin
  • JC: What does this require that we cannot support? From
    looking at the site-plugin's effects on the lifecycle
    code, I'm very leary of making changes to core/syntax for
    a single plugin...
  • Plugins
  • Refactor Plugin Manager
  • Removal of the Plugin Registry (done)
  • Load Plugin dependencies into a separate ClassRealm (done)
  • JC: Clean up the API for public consumption (so we can
    have a good way to orchestrate plugin execution from
    within a mojo, for example)
  • Plugin Execution Environment: Ability to run any version of a
    plugin where an environment is created which contains all the
    requirements for a particular version of the Plugin API
  • Expressions: supporting old annotations and allowing for
    new ones. The expression evaluator would become part of
    the execution environment
  • Plugin API
  • expression
  • DOM related classes into the API
  • JC: function handlers loadable as build extensions
  • JC: XPath expression syntax as alternative to what we
    have now (maybe look into jxpath)
  • Schematron/RelaxNG descriptor for each plugin
  • JC: What's wrong with XSD for this? Far, far more tools
    support it.
  • Remove the use of separate plugin repositories. We only need
    to pull resources from one repository
  • JC: This forces users with proprietary/custom plugins to
    run a repository proxy. Why is this critical??
  • Symmetric output expressions
  • Reporting
  • Report Execution Environment: Ability to run any version of a
    report where an environment is created which contains all the
    requirements for a particular version of the Report API
  • Decouple reporting from core
  • JC: Decouple reporting API from Doxia
  • Decouple script-based Plugins from the core
  • We should just completely push this out of the core
  • Refactor Project Builder
  • Pluggable model readers
  • A new terse format that uses attributes
  • Allow mixin capabilities using an import directive
  • Automatic parent versioning
  • JC: Pipelining of the various steps occurring in the project
    builder now, according to a strict and well-documented
  • Execution Configuration
  • Remove Settings from the core and make it a user facing
  • Have one configuration model for request
  • Have one configuration model for session: session takes the
    request in the constructor and delegates
  • Artifact Resolution
  • Graph-based artifact resolution
  • Decouple from Maven's core
  • Binary graph that is pre-resolved for a POM
  • Domain logging
  • Location/Attribute driven behavior
  • JC: What's this?
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