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This is the home page for the Maven space, which includes discussions, ideas and design documents. For user-contributed documentation for Maven, see the Maven User space.


Maven 2.1

Issues that need to be dealt with first:

Maven 2.1 Design Documents
Architectural Goals for Maven 2.1
Maven 2.1 Backward Compatibility Information
Maven 2.1 Artifact Resolution Specification
The Embedder for all client use in 2.1
New Feature Summaries
IT Problems

Maven 2.0

Maven 2.0 Design Documents
Maven 2.0 Use Cases
IRC Log Design Discussion 26 May 2005
Jesse McConnell and John Casey (transcript from IRC)
Jesse McConnell and John Casey on IRC, 01-Feb-2007
Jesse McConnell and John Casey on IRC, 31-Jan-2007

Development Process

Development Process
Development Procedures
Maven Release Process
Maven Sandbox
Maven Zone at Apache
Maven Taxonomy

Why Use Maven

Feature Comparisons

How To Get Involved

How To Help


Artifacts & Repositories

Artifact API Improvements
Artifact Handling
Artifact Identity
Artifact Resolution
Conflict Resolution
Custom Repository or Resolver Implementations
Dependency Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Maven repository tools
Mirror Repositories
Packaging vs Type - Derived and Attached Artifacts
Platform specific dependencies
Repository - Application for uploading
Repository - Security
Repository - Security by julian c dunn
Repository - Security by nat pryce
Repository - SNAPSHOT Handling
Repository - Upload policy
Repository Enhancements
Repository Layout - Final
Repository Manager
Repository Metadata
Repository Reporting API
Repository Security
Repository Security Improvements
Repository Switchboard

Best Practices

best practices - deployment of aggregate JARs produced by the assembly plug-in
best practices - jesse's general approach
best practices - location of configuration files vs resources
best practices - multi-profile deployments
best practices - multi-project builds - plug-in inheritance
best practices - multi-project interaction
best practices - multi-user installation
best practices - site management
best practices - testing strategies
best practices - version management in multi project bu


Extending Maven 2.0 Dependencies
specification dependencies
Specification Dependencies and Provides Notation
Specification Dependencies Design
Transitive Dependencies Filtering


Barriers to Building Eclipse with Maven


Lifecycle and Plugin Handling


Building and Using Plugins From a Single Maven Session
Maven Plugin Documentation
Maven Plugin Harness
Maven Plugin Matrix
Maven Plugin Status
Plugin - Design
Plugin and Report Inheritence
Plugin Execution Model and Lifecycle Improvements
Plugin Version Selection
Shared Build Context for Components and Plugins
Suppression, Ordering, and Replacement of Plugins and Mojos Bindings


Arbitrary XML fragment inclusion
Expression Access to POM List Elements
Improves Modules Definition
POM Loading and Building
Templated POM Sections
Terse POM Syntax - Design Discussion


Build Profiles
Profiles for optional dependencies

Reactor (Multi Module Builds)

Multi-modules application with consolidated build


Release Management


Encapsulated reporting
Maven Dashboard


Reusable Resources


Applying toolchain across plugins


Dependency Graphing


Workspaces and Universal Source Directory


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