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0.1 Release: First cracks in the Egg

  • Grails style build tree
  • Initial CompositeBuilderSupport refactoring
    Align any FactoryBuilderSupport refactored features with Groovy 1.7
  • JNLP packaging
  • Two demo apps, Greet and a enterprisey style app.

Sometime before 1.0:

  • Plugin architecture like Grails
  • Standard plugin
    • GORM support
    • Spring support
    • Authentication
    • Other GUI toolkits like JIDE, SwingX, Flamingo
  • Standalone deployment
  • Pre 6u10 Applet deployment
  • SWT Builder?
  • A third demo app, fronting a Grails app
  • Widget tags, kinda like taglibs. MarkMail Archive
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