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Yeah, it's that time again!

As usual lots and lots of improvements in this new release including :

  • (almost) complete nullable type support
  • shorthandsfor nullable types (T?) and enumerables (T* instead of IEnumerable[of T])
  • improved booish behavior with nicer colors (and it should work inside emacs now (smile) )
  • 'else' block for 'for' and 'while loops
  • fixes and improvement related to generic methods (overloads and interface declarations)
  • and lots of other fixes here and there

 Complete list of changes available here.

Contributors to this release :
Avishay Lavie, Cedric Vivier, Marcus Griep, Rodrigo B. De Oliveira

Have fun!

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  1. bt


    I read over some of the documentation and the manifesto and some other stuff on Boo. It looks like a very interesting language with a lot of promise. I have been designing a spec for a language I call Lima for the past four years. I have no implimentation, but alot of the ideas I have are similar to things Boo has done - including allowing for compiler extensions and redefinitions of intermediate compilation steps. I'm posting here because I couldn't find any other way to contact. Interestingly enough, both Boo and Lima arrised from the same frustrations about current languages. I've put what spec I have for Lima up at . Of course I believe my language is the greatest there is and everything, as I'm sure Boo's creators think as well. I do think there are areas where I think Lima's syntax is indisputably more clean and consistant than than Boo's - like array and list literals, and slicing. I've been looking for collaboration. Is there any path you can lead me on? Thanks, ~Billy