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Running this script:

against the attached words file yields these results:

No matches found for 2345678
Matches for 2455466: billion
Matches for 2276228: acrobat
Matches for 6662342: monadic nomadic
Matches for 2476642: chromic chronic
Matches for 2742742: aphasia aphasic
Matches for 7338433: refugee seethed
Matches for 7678243: portage postage
Matches for 3742253: dribble friable
Matches for 7264253: panicle sanicle
Matches for 7683353: snuffle souffle
Matches for 7684453: smuggle snuggle
Matches for 7837453: puerile sterile
Matches for 7378453: reptile servile
Matches for 3749953: drizzle frizzle
Matches for 7877363: supreme suspend
Matches for 2668363: contend convene
Matches for 5367273: jeopard leopard
Matches for 7377473: reprise respire
Matches for 7877673: purpose suppose
Matches for 7278873: pasture rapture
Matches for 2646283: animate cognate
Matches for 3377483: deprive despite ferrite
Couldn't find word pair for 8765432
9689474 matches word pairs: you-wish
2896673 matches word pairs: buy-more, buy-nose
6847687 matches word pairs: mug-pour, mug-soup, mug-sour
9687283 matches word pairs: you-pate, you-pave, you-rate, you-rave, you-save, you-scud
2283278 matches word pairs: act-dart, bat-dart, cat-dart, act-east, bat-east, cat-east, act-fast, bat-fast, cat-fast
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