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This script will search a text in a jar file or a directory full of jar files recursively.

package tools

import java.util.jar.*

class FindJarFile{
	def static main(args){
		new FindJarFile().run(args)
	def run(args){
		//Usage check.
		if(args.size() <2){
			println "usage: ${this.class.simpleName} searchstr jarfile [jarfile]"
			println "  jarfile can be a directory, which will include all jar files."

		//Search all input args as file
		def searchstr = args[0]
		args[1..-1].each{ arg->
			def file = new File(arg)
			searchInputFile(searchstr, file)
	def searchTextInJarFile(text, file){
		def jarfile = new JarFile(file)
		jarfile.entries().each{ entry->
			if ( =~ searchstr){
				println "$ : $file.canonicalPath"
	def searchInputFile(text, inputFile){
		def filePattern = ~/.*\.(jar|zip)$/
			inputFile.eachFileRecurse{ subFile ->
				searchInputFile(text, subFile)
			if(inputFile.getName() =~ filePattern){
				searchTextInJarFile(text, inputFile)


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