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This page gathers up the provenance review performed from 2006-2008 on the geotools library.

This work was undertaken as an OSGeo incubation requirement.


A couple of modules encountered issues early in the review process, mostly those working with propitiatory systems such as ArcSDE or Oracle where our ability to distribute jars and drivers is in question.

Provenance Review

Developers Guide


  • Change release guide to include packaging of the user guide

Users Guide


Source Code

The review process has being integrated into the community development practise. A review.txt file now is provided for each module and is considered part of the source code. Initial review was completed by Jody Garnett August 7th, 2006. Adrian Custer has lead the a second review in July, 2008.

For each module you can locate a report - for example:

These reports include links to Jira issues raised during the review.

The following issues apply to all modules:

Library modules

Plugin modules

Extension modules

These modules are built on top of the geotools library and add additional analysis and functionality around the abstractions captured by the core library.

Demo modules

These files are used as teaching aids. We are considering releasing them as public domain to aliviate any initial adotpion concerns. They are all available under a public domain license.

Unsupported modules

These extensions and plug-ins work with the GeoTools library, but do not yet meet their QA and Providence Review checks. While this is mostly to prevent duplication of development effort, the unsupported modules that have completed a providence review can be distributed for feedback.

Build Tools


Experiments and Summer of Code projects sometimes take place in an experimental spike directory.

We are not intersted in distributing this code; but we have found a couple issues anyways:

Known Issues

The main issue tracking the rest is: JIRA GEOT-1873 , these are all shown below.

All issues should have been filed under the license component .

The following issues have been identified and are recorded in our issue tracker:

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Actions Taken

The following actions have been taken in response to issues raised during the incubation process.

Turning Off Downloads

After a public email on the GeoServer list, we have chosen to turn off historical downloads of the geotools platform, and produced a new download that does not contain ArcSDE support.

We may choose to turn historical downloads on again, or issue a patch for each stable branch, depending on community needs and involvement.

Contact EPSG Providers

Frank was kind enough to contact the providers of the EPSG dataset and inform them of our difficulties in delivering the content verbatium for databases such as HSQL.

Multi License code

Some code has been donated to the the project under a range of conditions, we have chosen to include the appropriate information in a series of LICENSE.TXT files included with each binary.

We will review these files to discuss any specific needs that must be addressed in client application code, or included documentation:

  • The User Guide will credit each license
  • The User Guide will be packaged and included with each release
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