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A Groovy script to naively calculate the Fibonacci series inspired by the example here.
Note: a version using memoizing will be much more efficient but this illustrates using Java's built-in concurrency primitives from Groovy.

Which produces this:

Calculating Fibonacci sequence in parallel...
n=8 => 21
n=9 => 34
n=10 => 55
n=11 => 89
n=12 => 144
n=13 => 233
n=14 => 377
n=15 => 610
n=16 => 987

If you want to convince yourself that some threads are actually being created, replace the last each line with:

which will add something like the following to your output:

[Thread[Finalizer,8,system], Thread[Java2D Disposer,10,system], Thread[Image Fetcher 0,8,main], Thread[Reference Handler,10,system], Thread[AWT-Shutdown,5,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-4,5,main], Thread[Thread-3,6,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-3,5,main], Thread[Attach Listener,5,system], Thread[Thread-2,6,main], Thread[Signal Dispatcher,9,system], Thread[TimerQueue,5,system], Thread[Image Fetcher 1,8,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-1,5,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-5,5,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-6,5,main], Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main], Thread[AWT-Windows,6,main], Thread[DestroyJavaVM,5,main], Thread[pool-1-thread-2,5,main]]
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