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StaxMate - the perfect companion for your Stax processor!

For the impatient, you can quickly proceed to Download page; or browse Documentation.


StaxMate is a light-weight framework that adds convenience to streaming XML-processing without significant additional overhead.
It builds on top of StAX (JSR-173) compliant processors such as Woodstox or SJSXP , and offers two basic abstractions:

  • Cursors, which build on XMLStreamReaders
  • Output objects, which build on XMLStreamWriters.

The design ideas and main features of both are listed, respectively, on StaxMateIterators and StaxMateOutputters pages.

StaxMate is licensed under BSD license. Share and Enjoy!


  • 01-Aug-2008: Released 1.2 maintenance version, which now fully support SJSXP (JDK 1.6 default stax impl), as well as Aalto
  • 29-Nov-2007: Released 1.1, significant internal refactoring (simpler and more robust synchronization of cursors), not many external changes. Tested with Woodstox 3.2.3.
  • 02-May-2007: Released 1.0! (pop up the champagne!)

Dependencies / Requirements

To use StaxMate, you need:

  • Stax API jar
  • A Stax implementation (like Woodstox , recommended version 3.2.x; or SJSXP (starting with StaxMate 1.2)).
  • Stax2 extension API: either a separate jar, or as part of extended StaxMate jar ("staxmate-with-stax2")

Links to all of above are included on Download page.

Where can I find sources and binaries?

You can find binaries (jars) and sources (tar, zip) on the Download page.

Also, StaxMate sources are stored in Codehaus Subversion; you can access them using anonymous read-only access:

svn co

and registered developers can access it similarly, but adding "--username" (and "--password") switch to allow changes to be committed back in.


Currently the best to reach people involved is via StaxMate mailing lists.

Another useful related mailing list is the "official" StAX mailing list , which is used for more general discussion regarding Stax specification, and issues common to implementations.

CowTalk Blog features StaxMate as well, and often has other relevant content.

And finally, due to its background, Woodstox mailing lists is another place where you can also discuss StaxMate issues, especially if these relate to the underlying Stax parser implementation.

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