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Module Maintainer:

Graham Davis


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The Process module's purpose is to have a low level interface to handle a very simple kind of operations on data. This API could be used by something like a Web Processing Service (WPS), but will be simple enough that any sort of operation service could be built on top of it.

The WPS module makes use of this API to offer a bridge to normal java developers.

Gold Star Quality Assurance Check

(star) IP Check: should be no issues, just need to ensure all headers are in place
(red star) Releasable: currently in beginning stages
(red star) Quality Assurance: currently in beginning stages
(star) GeoServer WPS Module developed based on this api; open to feedback but no drastic change expected
(red star) Supported: currently in beginning stages

Module Goals

This module is being developed with the main goal of keeping the API as simple and generic as possible so it can be easily maintained. Past attempts at this type of API have resulted in APIs that were too complex. So the main mandate for this run is to keep it simple.

Module Status

This module is currently just being started. As the project progresses, and proper developer's guide wiki page will be created to describe the design in more detail. Additionally, the WPS Module will be built using this API and will act as a good real-world testing opportunity.

Graham Davis has a mandate to bring this module up to supported status:

  • conformance testing
  • user documentation

IP Review

This project is just underway, but there should be no issues with this as the code is being developed from scratch for GeoTools. A review will be needed further into the project to ensure everything is in order.

Outstanding Issues

Issues pertaining to GeoTools Process API module:
none currently

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