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What is new in BTM version 1.3

BTM underwent many changes for version 1.3. Here is a short summary of what's new and noteworthy.


New Features

JNDI provider

  • The new JNDI provider and the new jndiUserTransactionName config property.


  • The new Null journal and the related journal config property.


  • Incremental recovery.

Resource loader

  • The property is now useless and has been removed.
  • Resource creation failures don't block the transaction manager startup anymore and can be retried in the background witht he new retryUnrecoverableResourcesRegistrationInterval config property.

Transaction manager

  • No shutdown hook is registered anymore.
  • Handling of unilateral resources rollback.
  • Transaction termination can be directly controlled, no more need to use the TransactionManager interface.
  • Per-resource timeout.
  • Transactions are now marked as rollback only when a timeout happens.
  • The new resources ordering algorithm and the new twoPcOrderingPosition resource bean property.
  • The removal of the config property.


  • JMX can be disabled with the new disableJmx config property.


Tomcat 5.5.x / 6.x

  • A new class that plugs into Tomcat to maintain BTM's lifecycle (ie: startup / shutdown): btm-tomcat55-lifecycle.jar. Copy the jar to the $TOMCAT_HOME/server/lib folder then edit $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml and add this below the other lifecycle listeners: <Listener className="my.package.BTMLifecycleListener" />

Jetty 6.x

  • A new class that plugs into Jetty to maintain BTM's lifecycle (ie: startup / shutdown): btm-jetty6-lifecycle.jar. Register it in your jetty.xml with a <Call name="addLifeCycle"> tag.

Upgrading from version 1.2


  • Old resource creation mechanism (ResourceBean.createResource()) has been removed.
  • Get rid of the property in the resource loader's config file if present.
  • Get rid of the config property if set.
  • Make sure you manually shutdown the transaction manager.
  • CryptoEngine moved to package.
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