DamageControl 0.2 Release

The DamageControl Team (Jon Tirsen and Aslak Hellesoy) are proud to release DamageControl 0.2.

DamageControl is a Continuous Integration server with the follwoing main features:

  • Simple configuration. No XML. All web based configuration.
  • Supports building of Java/Ant/Ruby/.NET/C++/Cobol/whatever - DamageControl is platform agnostic.
  • Self contained - comes with its own web server and Ruby runtime. (DamageControl is written in Ruby).
  • Support for as many projects as your RAM and disks allow. In one single server.
  • Multi channel notification on build results. (Email, IRC, built-in Web pages, DCTray - windows system tray)
  • Supports parallel builds.
  • Builds are trigged by the SCM (CVS) upon commits. DamageControl can install SCM triggers automatically.
  • Pluggable API for cool extensions
  • Integration with ViewCVS and Fisheye

You can look at a live deployment here:
If you want to add a project, go here: (ask Jon or Aslak for username/password)
N.B! Due to a misconfiguration of the Apache proxy on Codehaus, this doesn't work with IE yet. Use a real browser like Firefox or Opera.
You can also monitor these Codehaus DamageControl server's activity on irc://

Things that didn't go into this release, but will go into one of the upcoming releases:

  • Subversion support (nearly there!).
  • Perforce suport.
  • Support for poll based builds (in addition to trigged builds)
  • Better design of the web-pages (volunteers needed!).
  • Easy-to-use installers for Linux (apt, rpm etc)
  • More notification channels (RSS, Yahoo! messenger, Jabber, Eclipse plugin, IDEA plugin, Apple dock

See DamageControl JIRA for a full list of bugs and feature requests. Feel free to register your own feature requests!

Want to get involved with the development? -> Get on the user mailing list.
Got questions about how to use the damn thing? -> Get on the dev mailing list.
More info about mailing lists here

The DamageControl Team

Downloads now available

Prerelease downloads are now available for 0.2 here.

Warning! they are virtually guarantueed not to work. (wink)