Confluence 2.1.1 deployed

Confluence 2.1.1 has been deployed and all spaces upgraded. 

There are quite a few new features.  Check the release notes if you're super curious.

FishEye 1.1 deployed

FishEye 1.1 has been deployed on beaver.  This allows subversion + fisheye compatibility. 

All projects (cvs/svn) have been loaded into FishEye (excluding stealth projects). 

If you've been tinkering with your project's scm directory, then it might not work. 

This is one of the perils of messing with our standard directory structures.  You can raise a chore to have your project fixed.

Subversion upgraded to 1.2.3

Subversion was upgraded to version 1.2.3.  There should be no user noticable changes.

Sometime soon, MoinMoin is going away. If you have a wiki that needs to be archived/saved/moved, think about taking care of that soon.

Decomissioning MoveableType for non-personal blogs, so administrivial blog news goes here now.