Drools 3 released

The Drools team are proud to finally announce the new baby: - the product page. - the new project page with all the links for the community. - some shots of the babies first steps.

Enjoy ! 

Drools.NET is no more restricted to .NET Framework 2.0 users. Thanks to Denis Ahearn(

Beta version of Drools.NET for .NET version 1.1 can be downloaded at

The sourcecode is available thru CVS. The instructions for using it are available in the User guide

Drools 3 RC1 is out

aka JBoss Rules 3.0 - get it here

The new wiki etc will be hosted on the jboss rules website. 

Drool.NET Beta is out

Beta version for Drools.NET is now available to download at

The source code can be downloaded from the CVS. The cvs download instructions can be found at The repository path for Drools.NET is /home/projects/drools/scm/drools/drools-dotnet.

Installation and user guide is available at

Drools 2.5 released

The drools team is happy to announce the release of Drools 2.5. This is essentially a maintenance release, and will be the last version of drools 2.x lineage before the all singing, all dancing Drools 3 is out (which is quite a different codebase, watch this space).

Thanks to all sorts of people from the community who submitted bugs, patches, enhancements etc. In the meantime the .Net team have been beavering away on documentation and enhancements for Drools.Net.

Please refer to the Release Notes, and possibly the Change Log for details on 2.5 (the goods can be downloaded from the download page, as normal).

Onwards and upwards. Next stop, Drools 3 and beyond. Thanks go out to everyone who has helped out, especially on the mailing list, and thanks everyone for your patience while some of us are "distracted" on Drools 3.

Drools.NET User guide is now available at

This document includes instruction for Drools.NET installation, feature's usage and running example applications.
I'm pleased to announce that thanks to Martins' outstanding efforts over the past few weeks we now have an upgraded jCAM that supports use of the DROOLs rule engine with CAM. The new jCAM also has an enhanced pluggable interface so that external mapping can be done with a choice of xslt, or bespoke data mappers. Martin has also included some base support for registry interfacing too - that we can expand later this year as the ebXml Registry work continues to mature. Best of all - there is a new jumptart feature and mini-tutorial - that shows you how to quickly create a default CAM validation template from any XML source input sample.

David Webber

New article

A new article has been contributed by Sujit Pal: Managing rules in a database

Drools 2.5 BETA 2

Dools 2.5 Beta 2 is available.

This contains some improvements and fixes around validating errors in rule compilation,
as well as some JSR-94 enhancements contributed by John Gilbert.

Get it from here (all binaries and dependencies).
The source can be downloaded from here. version release

Announcing an incubator release of (drools-dotnet in CVS), an IKVM enabled port to the .Net framework (2.0).

Thanks go to Chinmay Nagarkar, Michael Miller and Ritu Jain for contributing and continuing work on this.

For information, instructions and a download, see:

Drools plug in

The Drools team is pleased to announce an "incubator" release of the Drools IDE (plug in) for Eclipse. This has been contributed by Kris Verlaenen.

The plug in is for Eclipse 3 and can be downloaded from here.
Place the jar in your plug in directory. The plug in has built-in help content, so once it is installed, go to Help / Help Contents, and then choose Drools to find out how to use it.

This plug in is currently in "incubating" status, its still early days, and works with Drools 2.5 Beta at present (it comes pre packaged with the dependencies needed for Java semantics).

The plug in source is presently in CVS as drools-ide for those interested. It is also being adapted for the new Drools 3.0 codebase, and thus will be migrated to SVN eventually.

Drools 2.5 BETA 1

Drools 2.5 beta-1 is out.

Many improvements, including a re-engineering of the semantic module framework to generate deployable binary and source packages of rules. The Eclipse compiler is now used for java semantics.

Decision tables also now work with CSV files from any spreadsheet program, and include support for more drools contructs.

You can download the goods from the following links. Note that a lot of the dependencies have changed or been updated.

With all dependencies
Binary with no deps
Source code

As usual, please log all issues in JIRA. Of special interest is behaviour in containers, when deploying new rulebases, as there is a new RuleBaseLoader architecture. So test away !

Happy new year all.

PS Drools 3.0 will be transitioning to new SVN servers, JIRA etc. So updates to this site may be somewhat sporadic over the coming months. Drools 2.5 will be the last release from the 2.0 codebase lineage.

Business Rules at Javapolis 2005

I've had many people asking me to clarify the situation with Drools and JBoss, so I decided to blog it -

Mark Proctor
Drools Project Lead

Drools joins JBoss JEMS

I am very pleased to announce that Drools has now officially joined JBoss as part of the JEMS stack.

I will now be working full time for JBoss on Drools, Bob McWhirter will be assisting on a part time basis and we hope to shortly announce a new full time JBoss recruit to work with me on Drools. Drools will continue with a BSD style license.

As you can imagine this is great news for Drools and will mean an accelerated pace of development and feature goodness. I'm particularly excited about this as it will now give me the time I need to build all the features I have planned.

Exciting times for all Droolers

Mark Proctor
Drools Project Lead