IzPack 5.0.0 RC1 available

The IzPack team is proud to announce the 1st release candidate of IzPack 5.0.0.

Although it is considered quite stable according to the user reports and many automatic unit and integration tests, IzPack 5 still serves the purpose of testing and reporting.

Special thanks to all active developers, contributors and users who helped making this version another milestone towards launching the Maven-based IzPack 5.

The new version has been also deployed to the Codehaus Maven repository and should be mirrored soon to all connected repositories.
Feel free to test and report bugs, either to the mailinglist user@izpack.codehaus.org or if you can describe some technical background file an issue at https://jira.codehaus.org/browse/IZPACK.

For a list of what has been changed since 5.0.0-beta11, see IzPack 5.0.0 RC1 changelog in JIRA.
For a the complete release notes of implemented features, improvements, bugfixes and common tasks in IzPack 5.0.0 see Release Notes - IzPack - Version 5.0.
Although there has been done much work since 5.0.0-beta11, there are still some open issues, and probably there will come some more.

There might be more changes visible in the source code repository, for a complete log of particular changes (experts only) see log on GitHub, where the active development happens.

Apologizes to the fans of IzPack 4 - we know you are out there, but it hasn't been worth to make a new release due to the very few contributions made in this version.

Enjoy this new version 5.0.0 RC1 and keep in touch.


On behalf of the whole IzPack project team, I am pleased to announce the releases of IzPack 4.3.4 and IzPack 5.0.0-beta7.

You can download those releases from the IzPack downloads page and through Maven.

All credits for the release of IzPack 4.3.4 should go to Mark Miller who did a significant effort to backport fixes from the 5.0 branch to the aging 4.3 branch. Meanwhile, the development of IzPack 5 is going forward and you are highly encouraged to test it on your own projects. Some people have reported success in using IzPack 5 beta releases in production settings.

We would like to thank all our contributors and developers for making this release possible! Big thanks also go to our loyal users.

Finally, please remember that IzPack is not an opensource project with corporate backing, hence this is why we greatly need your help and contributions for developing it!

Release Notes for IzPack 4.3.4

Maven users should use version 4.3.4-SNAPSHOT of the standalone compiler plugin. The Nexus Codehaus repository does not allow us to release this plugin anymore.

The following issues went into this release:

  • [IZPACK-391] - hidden="true" for Packs does not work for TreePacksPanel
  • [IZPACK-427] - UserInputPanel: inputs should not be validated when panel is reloaded due to checkbox/radiobutton having revalidate="yes" in their spec
  • [IZPACK-433] - ShortcutPanel fails to load if shortcutSpec.xml is UTF-8 encoded and contains non-ascii characters
  • [IZPACK-461] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in TreePacksPanel
  • [IZPACK-475] - ProcessPanel is ignored in console mode
  • [IZPACK-480] - Console Install option does not invoke Process Panels
  • [IZPACK-528] - The value of the encoding attribute of <res> element is still ignored
  • [IZPACK-554] - spec txt and id set without localization files shows the id in the panel
  • [IZPACK-567] - FinishPanel (SimpleFinishPanel) repaint
  • [IZPACK-596] - Ubuntu 10+ needs .desktop files to be executable
  • [IZPACK-603] - UserInputPanel: inputs should not be validated when panel is reloaded due to checkbox/radiobutton having revalidate="yes" in their spec
  • [IZPACK-608] - deseclect is misspelled in console installer mode for checkboxes
  • [IZPACK-610] - FinishPanel has hardcoded path for Uninstaller location
  • [IZPACK-611] - Console Installer misspelling: Install was successeful
  • [IZPACK-636] - JDKPathPanel does not work in console mode
  • [IZPACK-637] - JDKPathPanel does not work in automated mode
  • [IZPACK-645] - Null pointer exception at automated install
  • [IZPACK-647] - Unable to launch wizard (panel) after creating the setup.exe in windows 7
  • [IZPACK-656] - SimpleFinishPanel has hardcoded path for uninstaller
  • [IZPACK-657] - izpack-standalone-compiler 4.3.4-RC1 in maven central
  • [IZPACK-660] - ProcessPanelWorker does not clear old jobs, it keeps adding additional jobs
  • [IZPACK-661] - JDKPathPanel fails on console JDK path check on Mac OS X
  • [IZPACK-650] - itemState change events from UserInputPanel combos unconditionally cause revalidation; behavior should be controlled by REVALIDATE attribute instead
  • [IZPACK-654] - The installer should simply switch to console mode when a headless env is detected, even if the user has not passed the -console cmd

Release Notes for IzPack 5.0.0-beta7

The following Git commits went into this release:

IzPack tutorials in French

Pierre Laporte recently wrote some IzPack tutorials in French:

They cover the creation of an IzPack-based installer and its generation from Maven. If you speak La Langue de Molières then this is definitely worth a read!

I am very happy to announce the availability of 2 releases of IzPack today!

The impatient can go straight to the downloads page on IzPack.org and fetch those releases.

IzPack 4.3.4-RC1

IzPack 4.3.4-RC1 is an unexpected thing. When we started working on a new codebase towards IzPack 5, we opted for not making a further release from that branch. The rationale was that our resources were limited. Nevertheless, our community proved not to be passive, and Mark Miller stepped up to backport useful bug fixes from IzPack 5 back to the 4.3 branch. Thanks a lot to him for the great work!

This release candidate will become the final release if there are no problems. Here is a list of changes in this version:

IzPack 5.0.0-beta6

Meanwhile, work is going forward on IzPack 5. I am pleased to announce the release of beta6. It is starting to look good from my point of view. Especially, the uninstaller is now working again. You should really have a look at it on your own projects!

The git commits summary is as follows:

Last but not least, work on the user documentation is still very much needed. David Duponchel and others did a few edits recently, but there is still a lot of work to do.

...10 years!

I would like to end this announcement on a special note. IzPack was started 10 years ago bar a few days. It all started as a fun project for me to learn Java and try to understand that thing called opensource. I did not expect such success to be honest...

I have met lots of people along the way, and learned so many things by trials and errors. This goes well beyond technical matters. Learning how to foster a community around a pet project and make it an industrially renowned product has been a rare privilege.

I have way too many people to thank for their contributions to the project, really, so I am sure that I would offend lots of them if I started listing the outstanding IzPack developers!

Nevertheless, fostering an opensource project is not just about technical things... This is why I would still like to personally thank some people for their very very special help at some point or the other. Hopefully they know why (smile)

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in the project, and thanks to all of you for your interest in IzPack! Long live IzPack!

-- Julien Ponge, the guy who started it all 10 years ago.

Good blog posts on IzPack

Maksim Sorokin shares some great blog posts on IzPack!

It's all available at http://maksim.sorokin.dk/it/tag/izpack/

"We Love IzPack" is live

The page is now live at http://izpack.org/we-love-izpack/ with the first companies and projects who responded to our call.

Of course you can still ask to join :-)

I am pleased to announce a new initiative to help spreading the word on IzPack: "We love IzPack".

The idea is very simple: there will be a page on the IzPack website to list the projects and companies that use and/or develop IzPack. There will be two sections.

  • If your company / project uses IzPack, we will happily reference you.
  • If your company / project contributes to the IzPack development, you will be referenced. This also applies if you contributed code in the past but have not been active recently.

In either case, getting referenced is easy: send me an email to julien.ponge at gmail.com with:

  1. a logo that you allow the IzPack project to use,
  2. a URL,
  3. wether you are an IzPack user or contributor,
  4. a single paragraph describing your use of IzPack and why you chose it.

I will compile your references and add the webpage once I have a sufficient amount.

Looking forward to receiving your reference details!

The video recording of the IzPack talk recorded at the Devoxx conference is now available on Parleys!

Do not forget to rate it :-)


IzPack 5.0.0-beta5 is here!

I am glad to announce a brand new beta release as we make progress toward IzPack 5.0.0!

This release brings bug fixes, Maven project cleanups / fixes as well as updates on the ini4j code. Another small yet useful change for those using the Maven plugin to build their IzPack installers: the authors section can now be populated from the developers of your POM.

As usual, this release is not production-ready, yet we need your feedback! Thanks for taking a few minutes to:

  1. download IzPack 5.0.0-beta5, and
  2. build your installers against it, and
  3. report problems.

IzPack 5.0.0-beta5 can be downloaded:

Stay tuned for new beta releases soon, as we intend to keep on that pace!

Oh and one last thing: do not forget that you can help us making the final 5.0 release sooner :-)

I have created a page to reference some ideas for helping us, and you don't have to be a developer!

Do not hesitate to pick up a task or two from the list.

Looking forward to your contributions.

I am delighted to let you know that I will present IzPack at the Devoxx conference in the "Tools in Action" sessions! (see http://devoxx.com/display/Devoxx2K10/IzPack++because+you+and+your+end+users+have+installation+issues)

I will make a demo during my talk, and I would like to use an installer showcase from one of yours :-)

A community-contributed example would be indeed much more interesting both for the audience and for me as a speaker. It's not that I don't have a few examples for a demo, but I'm sure you guys have something better to offer!

This is why I am launching a call for contributions: I would demo YOUR installer (and as a side-effect, YOUR software would be publicized in front of a large audience).

You can contact me by email at julien.ponge@gmail.com with your proposal. Note that:

  • I will not sign any non-disclosure agreement of some sort
  • I need to be able to show the IzPack configuration and build files so that the demo is compelling
  • the session will be recorded, so even people not attending the conference will see it!
  • I will not accept any money for your installer to be showcased.

Thanks for sending your submissions!

On behalf of the IzPack team, I am pleased to announce the availability of IzPack 5.0.0-beta3!

Keep testing and giving us feedbacks!


  1. You will inevitably encounter bugs and regressions in this release.
  2. IzPack 5.0.0 is still a long way.

Obtaining IzPack 5.0.0-beta3


On behalf of the IzPack team, I am pleased to announce the availability of IzPack 5.0.0-beta2!

This release is a bit less buggy since it corrects IZPACK-612, thanks to Michael for his feedback.

We will try to resolve tickets and release new beta version rapidly so keep testing and give us feedback (or better, some patches with nice tests).


  1. You will inevitably encounter bugs and regressions in this release.
  2. IzPack 5.0.0 is still a long way.

Obtaining IzPack 5.0.0-beta2


On behalf of the IzPack team, I am pleased to announce the availability of IzPack 5.0.0-beta1!

IzPack has been under heavy work for a year. The code has been heavily refactored with the switch to Maven, the usage of PicoContainer and an extensive test suite. Meanwhile, we still have received lots of contributions and fixes.

We now need the larger IzPack community to give this codebase a try, and report issues (or even better: patches to fix them).

Big thanks go to Anthonin, Rene, David and the others for the insane refactoring work! You can now reward them by giving us your feedback. 


  1. You will inevitably encounter bugs and regressions in this release.
  2. IzPack 5.0.0 is still a long way.

Obtaining IzPack 5.0.0-beta1


(thumbs up)  Finally, and if you are not too angry at us after testing this beta and seeing that your pretty installers just don't work anymore, you can show us your love:

Thanks again to everyone involved in this work, and see you soon for a (hopefuly!) less buggy beta2 (smile)

IzPack goes social!

We are glad to announce that IzPack is now present on social networks!

This is also the occasion to announce that IzPack 5 is on its way and under active development, and that the website will receive updates soon.

Stay tuned (wink)