Yan Speaks in XML

Yan release 0.7 includes an xml configuration support. This sub-project is called Nuts.

Nuts is a modular xml dialect of Yan with support of flexible component combinations and pluggable xml tags. A Spring integration package is also included to allow Spring beans and FactoryBeans to be used inside Nuts. This enables Nuts to take advantage of various Spring's services such as AOP.

Please refer to Nuts for detailed information.

Yan Container Released

Yan Container (Yet Another Nonintrusive IOC Container) v0.2 is released.

Yan features open structure, declarative API, flexible component combination and totally pluggable life-cycle management.

Yan has no restriction on dependency injection method. Business object design is free to choose among public constructor, java bean getter/setter, regular java method and any variant and any combination of the above.