XDO – Xml Data Object


The Xml Data Object Project would provide extensible XML encoding and decoding of Java Objects. The intent is to provide a useful base case with the ability to replace functionality on the fly on an ‘application by application’ basis. Much of the rational and high-level design has been documented in the attached design document. A previous version and some limited documentation exists in the Geotools project. We are branching this portion of the Geotools functionality with the intent of sharing this functionality with a broader audience, while returning a new version to the Geotools community.


We were hoping CodeHaus would help our project by providing some Confluence space for design documents and brainstorming sessions, Jira for bug reports, and SVN access for source version control. This would be especially valuable at CodeHaus; we could link our documentation and bug reports between our initial users (Geotools, GeoServer, uDig) and this project.


This project is intended to be business friendly, with LGPL licensing.




David Zwiers, Project Lead

David Blasby, Contributor

James McGill, Contributor