GroovyJMS provides set of Groovy-style APIs, enhanced JMS API with TMPGroovy Categories, and a powerful JMSPool bean, that make it very easy to use JMS in Groovy application. It transparently handle connection and session lifecycle, and adds some thread-safe convenient methods to the JMS APIs.

Take a simple example:

 "loginService".send [user:'groovy', password:'jms']
 // or [user:'groovy', password:'jms'].sendTo "loginService"

And a complex one:

// create a JMS Thread Pool with 10 threads at max
def pool = new JMSPool(maximumPoolSize:10)
// subscribe to three destinations, each with 2 threads
pool.onMessage([fromQueue:['queue0','queue1'],fromTopic:'topic0',threads:2]){ m -> println m}

This module is in its early stage. The provided example are fully functional, but some relatively complex scenario may require directly JMS API usage

You may visit the v0.1 page or the latest v0.2 docs

Or check other information at: