Why has my webapp suddenly stopped working?

Detailed Description

So, your webapp is humming along nicely when suddenly it stops working, and your log files are full of exceptions. You may see log entries for style sheet files not found, compiled JSP classes not being found or some other static content missing. The most frequent culprit on Unix systems is a cron job that periodically cleans out files in the system temporary directory, usually /tmp or /var/tmp.

This is bad news for a web-app because Jetty stores various kinds of files associated with it into this temporary location. For example, if your web-app is deployed as a war file, Jetty will uncompress it and run it from the tmp directory. If your web-app also uses non-precompiled JSPs, then the generated class files also go into this tmp directory. Each web-app is given its own directory under the tmp location, named according to the context and port number, eg:



Either disable the cron job, or (more conscientiously) redefine the top level tmp directory. To redefine your temporary directory location see Temporary Directories.