The process of converting your repository from Subversion to Git is a straight-forward process. It can be done manually by the project committers once the Git repository has been created.

Alternatively, Codehaus Support can migrate the repository automatically during provisioning. We keep a full online backup of your Subversion repository for a "long time" (you may be consulted at some point about removal of the backup).

To have Codehaus Support migrate your repository

  1. raise a JIRA covering the repository to create / migrate
  2. decide whether you want an in-place migration, a side-by-side migration, or an empty Git repository
  3. tell us whether you are ready for this to occur immediately (git rebase can update your Git repository with new commits occurring in Subversion if you are doing a side-by-side migration).

We will lock the repository during the in-place migration, so no commits will be lost. Users may be confused by the change in repository however.

Project Committer Migration

If you requested an empty Git repository, you are able to perform the migration yourself using commands similar to that below.

mkdir $REPO.conv
cd $REPO.conv
git svn clone https://svn.codehaus.org/$REPO
cd $REPO
git push ssh://git@git.codehaus.org/$REPO-git.git master

This is functionally equivalent to what we do internally (however we have the performance advantage of having your Subversion and Git repositories located on the same server).

If you are a Git Guru, and see something flawed in any of our documentation, then please contact us