<simboss> ciao mbedward
<simboss> or michael (smile)
<aaime> Hi
<mbedward> hi simone, andrea
<mbedward> I'm not sure how to start - do you have something you would like to begin with
<aaime> Is this a meeting? (smile)
<mbedward> no just a chat (smile)
<mbedward> about jai-related things
<simboss> well, the floor is yours
<simboss> daniele is coming
<simboss> not sure if antonello is around
<simboss> looks like is not
<simboss> around
<simboss> checked on the udig channel
<mbedward> I can wait a few minutes - that's no problem
<simboss> if you did not sent around a reminder
<simboss> it might be that he has forgotten
<simboss> (smile)
<mbedward> yes - I'm afraid I forgot about reminding anyone (smile)
<mbedward> perhaps we can just start chatting - we can always go back if he joins us or rehash later
<aaime> if you want any chance of him showing up send a mail to him and Silvia
<mbedward> ok, I'll do that now
<moovida> morning folks
<moovida> thanks for the email
<mbedward> no worries
<moovida> I was working on a bug and forgot (smile)
<moovida> what did I miss?
<mbedward> we haven't started
<moovida> oh, great!
<mbedward> we couldn't start without you !
<moovida> (big grin)
<mbedward> perhaps I'll begin my just describing my immediate project needs that have led me down this path
<moovida> good for me
<mbedward> for an app that I'm working on at the moment I need to be able to do two things
<mbedward> 1. allow a user to create a grid coverage based on mathematical expressions
<mbedward> where the user just provides a relatively simple script
<mbedward> and the expressions have spatial position and/or other coverage data as inputs
<aaime> just for the record, Sextante has some raster algebra support built-in
<mbedward> ok - I'd be interested to hear about that in a minute
<moovida> mbedward: what do you mean by: the expressions have spatial position?
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<mbedward> basically functions of x,y coords
<moovida> not row/column, but instead coordinates?
<mbedward> could be row/col, or proportion of width/height etc
<moovida> can you make an example in which you would want to use coordinates inside an expression?
<moovida> ah, ok, got it, wanted to be sure
<mbedward> sure: my app is about animals in landscapes
<mbedward> responding to various resources
<mbedward> imagine I want to create an artificial resource map
<mbedward> with a north-south gradient
<mbedward> I might do that with a simple linear function plus a noise component
<moovida> ok, nice
<moovida> so you are talking about functions really or more neighbour cell touching?
<mbedward> ???
<moovida> I mean you won't be able to embed a function based on position in a static approac
<moovida> you will have to use relative positions between cells?