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There is also Commercial edition supported by klicap.

Description / Features

This plugin allows you to generate a project quality report in PDF format with the most relevant information from SonarQube web interface. The report aims to be a deliverable as part of project documentation.
The report contains:

You can download an example report here.


This plugin can be used as a Maven plugin (installation in SonarQube not required) or as a SonarQube plugin.

SonarQube Plugin (recommended)

SonarQube PDF can be used as a plugin of SonarQube modeling a post-job work. In this way, a PDF report is generated after each analysis in SonarQube (mvn sonar:sonar includes the generation of the report).


You can skip report generation or select report type (executive or workbook) globally or at the project level. You can also provide an username/password if your project is secured by SonarQube user management:

Download the report

PDF report can be downloaded from the SonarQube GUI:

Maven Plugin

First analyze your project in SonarQube. Then run the generate goal (the report will be created in the target directory):

 mvn org.codehaus.sonar-plugins.pdf-report:maven-pdfreport-plugin:1.3:generate

Available properties (-Dproperty=value)

If your SonarQube server URL is http://localhost:9000 you don't need to specify sonar.host.url.


Release 1.3.2











Known limitations

Ant task and SonarQube Runner are not supported.